“A blesson is what happens when you see the blessing in the lesson that your challenge taught you.”

Karen Salmansohn’s words struck a chord in me when I read them over a year ago.

The word blesson comes to mind as I prepare to enter a new decade of life. It seems as though I’ve had several incarnations in this lifetime, with each “incarnation” containing its own unique blessons.

Opportunities for learning and growth arise regularly in Earth School. Sometimes they are joyous learning experiences. At other times they are challenging and sometimes deeply painful. When uncomfortable or troublesome, they often can prove to be great blessings in disguise.

What blesson can you recognize in your life today? What opportunities for growth are becoming discernible? Does commemorating a birthday inspire celebration or soul-searching—or both? Do you find that the dynamic changes with age?

Challenges are inevitable. Blessons are optional.

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