Random Acts of Kindness

Kindness is popping up everywhere.

The number one New Year’s resolution is to be a better person.

Sesame Street is focusing on kindness the entire year by modeling kindness for children and labeling it when it happens.

To emphasize that kindness is one of the most important character traits, there is a list of 13 children’s books reminding kids about the best ways to be kind to others or why kindness matters. Of course Horton Hears a Who! is one of them.

A recent article indicated that about half of America’s teachers are concerned that being kind is not a priority to most people.

There is acknowledgment that engaging in kind acts has benefits for both the giver and the receiver. Studies indicate that the way an individual interacts with others is directly linked to his or her mental and emotional health, and vice versa.

February 17 is Random Acts of Kindness Day. The day merited an article in the International Business Times, which lists five ways to be nice to people.

It’s good to have a day of focus on kindness, but why not have a Random Acts of Kindness Year? Is it so difficult to offer a smile or a greeting to someone each day?

Kindness doesn’t require great acts. To paraphrase Mother Teresa, we can do small things with great love. And then maybe on special occasions, such as on Random Acts of Kindness Day, we can do something big.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.” Aesop

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